About Color Your Life

“Color Your Life” is a project that aims to promote and enhance the artistic prowess of kids in the community/ies the Crayons plan to visit. It is a collective action to help the Filipino children dig into their basket of creativity by organizing individual and group art workshops. The activities provided by the Team (Crayons) will be aligned, of course, with the cultural system that exists in the community/ies.

As such, Color Your Life is not just a simple and short-term aid for the kids but can guide them in exploring their artistic capabilities at a young age. The project also serves as a venue to use their imagination, to exercise their patience in following instructions and to gain artistic knowledge that may possibly contribute to the development of a child. “Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics may be more important than ever to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up.”

“They say leave no trace when travelling, instead leave small yet significant memories to the communities you visit.”

As a part of the educational curriculum in Philippine public schools, Art is just one fourth of the subject MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health). Moreover, art activities given by public schools are limited given only once a week, four times a month and just twenty-seven days in a school year. On the other, art classes, if not within the walls of a classroom, are indeed expensive that only a few can avail of such.

The Color Your Life Project recognizes the situation of Art as a secondary and supplementary subject in public schools. In this light, the project to be provided by the Crayons is an alternative niche to accommodate a Filipino child’s thirst to learn and explore art techniques and the like. It offers a different approach wherein one has the freedom to color, to paint and to draw from imagination.



Color Your Life is a project of Crayons, an eight-member group from Quezon City, that aims to promote and enhance the artistic prowess of kids in communities they visit during their travels. 

For inquiries, email coloryourlifeproject@gmail.com or like us www.facebook.com/coloryourlifeproject on Facebook.

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